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If soils of smaller Nvahses are met, compaction maybe adopted Io.

The earthquake motion in each direction shall be combined as specified in 7. No notes for slide.

University of Gondar Follow. Corex gas station tbr co-generation plant 2 Patr standard has been split into five parts. Structures are classified categories: Fire water pump house Fire water reservoir 2 54 Flare stack supporting structure However, for steels having a definite yield stress, the stress be limited to the yield stress, for steels without a definite yield point, the stress will be limited to 80 percent of the ultimate strength or 0.

Unless stated otherwise, the provisions in Part 2 to Part 5 shall be read necessarily in conjunction with Part 1. A major part of the peninsular India has also been visited by strong earthquakes, parr these were downloac few in number occurring at much larger time intervals at any site, and had considerably lesser intensity. The equivalent static lateral loads shall 193 determined from design acceleration spectrum value AJ calculated from 8.

The analysis shall be based on well-established procedures. CW pump house 2 The soil-structure interaction may not be considered in the seismic analysis for structures supported on rock or rock-like material.

If time-history analysis is to be carried out, spectra-compliant timehistory shall be determined based on the site-specific spectra. Irequency 01 unccwpled mode I of Ii primary s em 1. However, clucti[ity, arising from inelastic material behaviour and detailing, and overstrength, arising from the additional reserve strength in structures over and above the design strength, are relied upon to account for this difference in actual and design lateral loads.

Structures Category S1 No. In addition to the above, the following structures are classified. Rail loading gantry Industrial structures are covered in Section 1 and Stack-like structures are covered ia Section 2. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Transformers and radiator bank 2 At the time of publication the editions indicated were valid.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Reduction-Factor, Type of Structure 2 1 R 3.

Standard: BIS – IS 1893: PART 4

Pressurized equipment where cracking can lead to rupture may be categorized by the consequences of rupture.

Eftlucnt treatment plant 3 42, Electro static precipitator- ESP 2 Track hopper 2 10I. Process column on elevated structures 1 No part of these publications -may dwonload reproduced in any form permission in writing of BIS. Structures Category 1 2 3 1 2 3 The design horizontal seismic coefficient for Ah design basis earthquake DBE shall be determined by the following expression -adopted in 1S Part 1: Structures Category 1 2 3 1.

Is (Part 4) | Deep Foundation | Concrete

Crushers 2 35, Cryogenic storage tank double walled 1 A minimum of ten beam elements should in general be sufficient. The formulae given at. Workshop 4 water pump house and fore-bay towers 2 2 14