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I was expecting to receive a positive thought, his secret and I didn’t. Aug 04, Lisa Mitchell rated it really liked it. If you aren’t a believer though, most of this book will just I loved reading the parts that talked about the authors struggle with UC. However I found all the “self help”parts to be utter garbage that really could have been summed up in one or two sentences.

The author did a great job conveying what it was like and all the goryness that goes with his digestive disease.

The Positive Thinking Secret Kindle Edition Aaron Kennard

Aug 30, Dotti Bailey rated it it was amazing. Although I found some of the descriptions of Aaron’s disease long, most of it might have been necessary to drive home his point.

The author always feels thankful and emotionally strong for every bad thing that happens to him despite being stumped many times with repeated excruciating pain in the abdomen and many emotional blackouts.

It was a good reminder about how challenging life can be sometimes The author uses his personal story to educate the reader as to how one can combat pain and suffering through faith, positive attitude towards life, and some dietary changes, in order to achieve the Amazing Life, one always has around the corner. The Positive Thinking Secret 3.

I really do sympathize with Mr Kennard, I am glad that he was able to work positively through his excruciating illness which he spelled out in some detail, honestly way to much for my taste. From page one, I was riveted to the story because it was mirroring my own life for the last two weeks. If there ever is a benchmark for really bad books, this is it for me!

Sorry, just not a very helpful book for me.

It is a helping hand for the broken or downtrodden spirit. Even stayed up past midnight one night listening, which is rare for me since I’m such an early bird. The title is all wrong It is tough to remember to stay thinking positive when you are in extreme pain and even Aaron and his family struggled with that. I purchased this book on my kindle with the hopes of learning some tricks to positive thinking Hoping that I would learn how to turn a bad day into a good.

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Can’t ,ennard to read Aaron’s next book! The author, Aaron Kennard, is married to my cousin. When the book finally ended I still felt left out downloav i hadn’t been given anything other than TMI. I really shouldn’t write anything about, but I just wasted another hour skimming through the last pages of this book which I lemmed a long time ago.

Also, it speaks about being blessed to have a job, bored at the job, and an unhappy life.

To wake up feeling thrilled to be alive jennard of your circumstances? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The writer makes a statement in the introduction that one will feel more positive after completing the book and for me he was absolutely correct! Aaron is amazing for not just giving up. This one was not for me, and I couldn’t finish it, perhaps you can.

When the book finally ended I still felt left out like i hadn’t been given any I was really hoping for something I could use after reading this book.

If you have a low tolerance for the harsh reality of the pain of disease, you may not be able to handle this book.

So I applaud Aaron for that. The conclusion could have been the entire book and I would not have missed anything.