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Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Darren 1 year ago. Russ 1 year ago. Kenny B 1 year ago. Performance wise it was very good and moving the weights around did affect the trajectory. Steel shafts, persimmon heads, down the middle of the fairway yrds.

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TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad Driver

I was surprised that taylormade superquad ball speed was as close after all those years. BUT here is my argument, and possible justification, as to why the 11 year old driver still sneaks its way into my bag.

I for one no longer see any taylormave in buying new drivers. Keep the great articles coming. If interested, check out our fitting site to learn more about our tay,ormade and process.

With attack angles consistent and assume path and face angle consistencies as wellthe one with more dynamic loft will produce greater spin loft resulting in a taylormade superquad smash factor.

All told, if you are a senior or a beginner with a swing speed below 90 mph, the Quad will likely lead taylormade superquad lower scores for you, and at a much lower cost!

TaylorMade M1 (vs) Taylormade R7 SuperQuad

Driver I hit the best of all TM drivers was the R! Distance is taylormade superquad another bonus. Super paranoid with a child of an affair. Then suddenly after years they launch something that works.

TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad Driver

taylormade superquad I always loved this club so Taylormade was the first manufacturer i looked at to replace my beloved outlaw. The entire industry disagrees with you: It is way shorter twylormade I really cannot see any improvement.

suerquad I wonder what the total increase the TM marketing claimed over that 10 year period. Each club you taylormade superquad up, it taylormade superquad that your dispersion should be slightly higher, meaning that 12 yards is saving you a ft or 2 every hole. All this is interesting, but ignores one important fact. The shaft is also going to give you some extra yards. Browse Related Browse Related.

That said, I do believe the head yields greater influence, but the taylormade superquad definitely matters. Below Average This golf club has been well used, but not abused. Taylormade superquad for only a handful of rounds before going back to my old driver. Might even consider it beautiful.

His putting was spotty but his performance overall taylormxde solid. Given the equation for smash factor ball speed divided by head speedthe only way that happens is if taylormade superquad speed decreases.

Write a Review Thank you, your taylormade superquad has been submitted successfully taylormade superquad will be included on the page once approved. If the club is smaller, than surely it will be lighter I would assume. I was looking to move to the r7 a few months ago, but stopped short when I saw the limited edition Superquad.

Well…It looks like my wife will be gaming her pink SuperQuad for awhile and the spend the bucks on more fricken shoes. auperquad

Toe knee 1 year ago. That has allowed manufacturers to challenge previous boundaries taylormade superquad what is possible from a center of gravity standpoint.

TaylorMade M1 (vs) Taylormade R7 SuperQuad

I understand now its not the equipment but the golfer behind the equipment! But it does reveal that TaylorMade is very serious about maintaining their market share in the driver category. EgdewRich 1 year ago. Firstly, you all taylormaade to think about, as has been mentioned, the effects of fitting your clubs taylormade superquad and how negatively that can impact the results.

As a fan of Taylormade equipment I have had all of the taylormade superquad R7 quads and a ping G5, so I knew straight away that I would have to taylormade superquad one of the new models.

This weekend but will post taylormade superquad results with a video when it fairs up.