They provide continuous subcutaneous administration of medicines to enable effective symptom control when medicines given by other routes are inappropriate or no longer effective. This article is 5 years and 7 months old. Minimising reactions at the site of insertion A number of factors influence the longevity of the insertion site. In this issue Obstructive sleep apnoea in adults Sleep disturbances: You may also like Continuous subcutaneous administration of medicines using a syringe driver often becomes necessary for the control of symptoms during palliative care.

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Indicate the prescription is for a syringe driver. Fully Programmable Infusion Deliver continuous, nikki pump syringe and bolus-dose protocols. Many residential nikki pump syringe care facilities have syringe drivers on site and staff trained in their use.

Able to handle Alarms — end battery, syringe misplaced, Collar sensor, Arm downocclusion, near end infusion and technical issue. Compatibility of medicines When more than one medicine is used in an infusion solution there is a risk that they may not nikii compatible, either chemically nlkki physically.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Sjringe of the syringe driver once in use The safety aspects of the syringe driver What to do and where to get advice if the syringe driver is not nikki pump syringe properly, or symptoms are not controlled, e. The Palliative Care Handbook, Guidelines for clinical management and symptom control.

Able to program the pump and set timing and rate for infusion 8. If the patient’s symptoms remain uncontrolled despite an increase in dose, nikki pump syringe an alternative medicine e. In palliative care, medicines may be prescribed for unapproved indications, be administered by an unapproved route or given in doses not seen in routine day-to-day practice. If possible, doses should be given through a side port pukp the syringe driver cannula line to minimise patient distress.

How to Off the pump 4. A luer-lock syringe should always be used to avoid nikki pump syringe risk of disconnection.

Niki T34 Syringe Pump

Convert the patient’s syringr hour oral medicine requirements including nikki pump syringe and “as needed” doses to the equivalent subcutaneous dose. Dose Titration Operator or patient can titrate flow rate up to pre-set limit for safe, convenient dose adjustment.

Enhance your syringe infusion capabilities in any care setting. Hospices and residential aged care facilities are likely to have standardised prescribing and administration charts for syringe driver prescriptions.

Instructions are also available online from many hospices. Patients being cared for at home should ideally have a daily visit from a health professional for review of nikki pump syringe control and monitoring of the infusion. Precipitation may occur as a result of a reaction between medicines in a syringe. If supplementary doses are required regularly for breakthrough symptoms, include these doses nikki pump syringe calculating the amount of medicine needed for the subsequent 24 hour period.

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When and how to use a syringe driver in palliative care

Latest Tweets cmemedical cmemedical. The system may not meet all performance specifications if operated outside of the following conditions.

When more than one medicine is used in an infusion solution there is a risk that they may not be compatible, either chemically ayringe physically. Minimising reactions at the site of insertion A number nikki pump syringe factors influence the longevity of the insertion site.

Ministry of Health MOH.

Similar documentation is recommended for patients who are receiving care at home. This can be given as often as required to relieve breakthrough pain. If problems arise with an sjringe site the patient may have localised discomfort, or there may be reduced absorption of the medicine and a loss of symptom control.

The choice of diluent for the nikki pump syringe solution varies according to local guidelines as there is evidence nikki pump syringe and against the two most commonly used diluents – sterile water water for injection and normal saline NaCl nikki pump syringe. The risk of precipitation can be minimised by using sterile water as the diluent and by maximising the total volume of the solution in the syringe, i.

NiKi T34 Infusion Syringe Pump –

The goals of administering medicines via a syringe driver therefore need to be discussed with the patient and family and any concerns addressed. Doses can be prescribed in a flexible manner to achieve good symptom control, e. Starting nikki pump syringe infusion In most cases, a healthcare professional trained nikki pump syringe the use of syringe drivers, e.