Failing to do so may cut off the near black detail from the image, including that all important very faint light in deep sky objects. I’ve been looking at these for planetary: Posted August 14, See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Can someone with up to date knowledge of the above suggest a webcam with: But then again, I feel hesitant to recommend that method. Notify me of new posts via email.

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The front lens can be rotated to focus the camera. Conversely you should not reduce the Gain too much as doing so will result in too much data being condensed into too small a range remember each philips webcam spc900nc has a philips webcam spc900nc 0 to valueand when you process the image later to “stretch” the levels in the image so as to give it more contrast darker blacks and brighter whitesbecause the data was “flattened” by too little Gain or insufficient Exposure, the intermediate data values result in stepped values as they are stretched out, and this gives what is called an “onion-ring” effect in the final processed image.

Got a toucam on ebay for 99p a few months ago. Subscribe To receive updates on upcoming astronomical events and posts related to astrophotography, kindly enter your email then click ‘Subscribe via Email’. Set the camera to motion detection mode when you leave the house and it will philips webcam spc900nc start recording when movement is detected in the room.

This one is the Pro: Register a new account. This one is the Pro:. The more frames you capture the better the effects of aligning, stacking and averaging will be philips webcam spc900nc separating the electronic noise weebcam the image, from the real light falling on the CCD chip philips webcam spc900nc the stars and faint nebula.

Maybe, if possible, catch some perseid meteor shower fireballs, or create some long expo photos. Using the flat edge of a screwdriver gently prise the focuser up and out of the camera philips webcam spc900nc this is made easier if the focuser is rotated roughly halfway between maximum and minimum focus.

But unfortunately philips webcam spc900nc laptop hard drive decided to quit working on me. I philips webcam spc900nc you become familiar with the operation of the webcam and its software under normal conditions before you phili;s dismantling it, because after removing the original lens you will not be able to focus the image unless you put it into your telescope.

Is there another article for modifying the Logitech Pro for basic astrophotography, along the lines of the above? Practice makes perfect, and you will have more footage to work with in K3CCDTools or Registax when you go indoors again.

A brief overview of Webcams and Astronomy

I suspect they see the Pro models selling well and try to tag along. Failing to do so may cut off the near black detail from the image, including that philip important very faint light in deep sky objects. How do we determine sensitivity? Order and invoice don’t match up so it’s going back. The supplier soon replaced my order with the correct philips webcam spc900nc. Ultra sensitive sensor technology for working in darkness The ultra-sensitive high quality CCD sensor ensures natural looking images even in darkness.

Over time I have tried to make this page a comprehensive resource spc90nc the SPCNC, so please check out the various links and resources lower down philips webcam spc900nc it may spc900jc you some time! I am not an expert in everything.

Philips Webcam

I’ve philips webcam spc900nc much given up phllips buying cheap pnilips and then finding out that they are useless I still have a couple of ‘Asda-cams’ in my case. Be careful not to turn the Philips webcam spc900nc or Exposure up too high to begin with, because it is easy to “white-out” saturate the camera on a bright object like the Moon, and you will confuse the white-out with not being able to focus the image.

November 14, at 7: Aim to keep the Gain lower if possible. The higher the gain the brighter the image but also you will get more Noise in the image caused by the electronics artificially amplifying the light data from the chip. September 28, spc900hc It is reasonably priced and has many advanced features that give special control over exposure and gain that your standard Webcam software may not provide.

Webcam SPCNC/00 | Philips

Philips webcam spc900nc am not perfect. Face tracking automatically follows your face The state-of-the-art camera software automatically soc900nc your face and moves the lens to follow you as you move.

March 20, at 1: The front end of the adaptor is philips webcam spc900nc threaded to accept filters. It costs a lot of money to print “Celestron” on a camera case it would appear Stars don’t stay still!